GO! Just Paint Yourself

My thoughts wandered,
Searched for the true meaning of my existence,
As I believed I’m God’s favorite child
I was betrayed by people
Saying I’ve dreams that are just so wild.

With no land to land and no shelter to hide
I heard people chattering empty tales
Still I believe I’m God’s favorite child
As he made me human
Just to explore and paint myself

I tried listening to my inner soul
It was unheard, deep, dark just like coal
Just when I was assured I’m God’s Favorite child
Something for me too in this beautiful world
There were taunting shouts of me and my role

I kept on moving and I got the way
Where my heart keeps rocking and longs to stay
I’m God’s favorite child coz I’ve my own say
Cover your skull, empty negative voices with no self
Know your inner soul and GO! Just Paint Yourself

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