The Honorary Consul by Graham Greene

The novel, set in Argentina, tells the story of honorary Consul, Charley Fortnum, who mistakenly is kidnapped for American ambassador and the way they get out of it. The book describes the nature of Fortnum and Doctor Eduardo Plarr in a lucid way.

All the characters are very original in the way they think and react. As such this is not a story that has plots and twists, but describes about relations, love, adultery, and preaching’s at Church. Many interesting dialogues and phrases make it a sure classic, particularly the ones about the relation with God and about love.

Love to share one such dialogue:

When a man leaves a woman, he begins to hate her. Or is it that he hates his own failures? Perhaps we want to destroy the only witness who knows exactly what we are like.”

At times the novel seems to be dragging as the story completely revolves around the kidnap trap and talks at length about the two characters in particular, Eduardo Plarr and Charley Fortnum and how their lives are interlinked.

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