F45 Fitness

F45 Week 1 Day 1-8th Oct

Absolutely pumped up to start the challenge. Here is what I ate & how I did for day 1.


Breakfast- Bean, Egg and Cheese taco + Coffee

Lunch-2 grain (Moongdal) dosas with Curd

Snacks- 1 Protein Shake at 4PM

Dinner – 1 grain dosa (Moong dal) with little potato curry



I initially wanted to ditch the coffee for this challenge but realized I am trying to attain multiple challenges at once. I used to drink two cups of coffee in a day a year ago. I took it as a challenge to reduce my intake by drinking tea in the evening and coffee in the morning. After 6 months into it, I challenged myself to cut the tea and have only 1 small coffee in the mornings. So I am OK with my current relationship with Coffee 🙂 and for this challenge, Coffee is IN.

I really want to concentrate on exercising for 5 days a week, consistently (that’s the magic capsule !) and portion control on my meals (which is mostly Healthy Indian) & include Magnesium supplement and Protein shake to my daily intake.

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