F45 Fitness

F45 Week 1 Day 4-11th Oct

11th Oct- Thursday


Breakfast-  2 eggs + Small Coffee

Lunch- 3 spoons rice w/chutney + Kale/spinach/red beans/chickpeas salad with balsamic dressing

Snacks- none

Dinner – 2 Methi rotis with tomato dal + 3 white dhokla pieces + curd


My friend brought an awesome spicy pickle and I couldn’t resist myself eating it with rice (I just ate 3 spoons and stopped). I also had kale and spinach salad from Wholefoods with beans in it. I love salads with beans of any kind. I ate little more than I am used to so did not feel hungry till evening. I did not feel like having protein shake as I was so full. Went for 6.45 pm weight training class and pushed myself to lift heavier weights than I normally do. I felt great after the class 🙂

Post workout, I had 2 methi rotis (these rotis are thin and small) with Tomato dal and 3 dhokla pieces.

Making rotis is a big task for me. Dough preparation, rolling them, and cooking on the griddle is a time taking task. Above all, making sure that the smoke alarm won’t blare when cooking rotis is an unattainable task. So I usually buy homemade rotis from this lady near my house and just make curry or dal at home. Quick and easy.  Last time when I picked up rotis, she offered me to taste her freshly made Dhokla. I loved it so much that I ended up ordering them this week. It is a great feat for me to stop with just 3 pieces and resist eating further. If not for this challenge, I would have finished the whole 20- or so pieces in one sitting.

Had Magnesium supplement before bed.

1 more workout to finish for this 1st week. Will keep doing !


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