F45 Fitness

F45 Week 2 Day 3 – 17th Oct

17th Oct- Wednesday


Breakfast-  2 chicken tacos + half of small Coffee 🙂

Lunch- 2 Methi rotis + Lauki curry + Dal [leftovers]

Snack – Protein shake at 4PM

Dinner – 1 Roti + Egg Curry


Today I cut down on my coffee intake to half of small coffee. A HUGE change and ROARING win for me. I was working on cutting down my coffee consumption since a looong time. Almost since an year. From twice in the morning and once in the evening to twice a day to once a day and now finally once in the morning- a half cup 🙂

Ok. Coming back to the meals, had more curry and dal than rotis for lunch and was really hungry by 4PM. Had protein shake around 4 that kept me going till post-workout dinner @7PM. This is my 3rd class for the week. Wednesday has always been my miss-workout day. But not this week. This week is a 5 day workout week ! I did the cardio workout and felt really relieved from my post-Tuesday-strength-training-soreness.

As much I love taking a shower with pride from sweating out hard, I hate to wash my hair daily. People suggest if I tie my hair high while working out, I need not wash it and let it just dry. I hate the feel of my hair if I let it dry and avoid washing. So I end up washing (not shampooing, just water wash) my hair for the days that I work out, which is all weekdays these days. Which is OK. I can live with it as Fitness and Challenge is my FOCUS !!



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