F45 Fitness

F45 Week 2 Day 4 – 18th Oct

18th Oct- Thursday


Breakfast-  1 chicken taco + half of small Coffee 🙂

Lunch- Mixed greens salad with Chicken and apples, pecans, n’ cranberries

Snack – Protein shake at 4PM

Dinner – bowl of rice + Dal + curd

So, yesterday was a bummer for me. My travel time to office is usually 45 mins to an hour and I mostly start around 4 PM to be home, pick kids, prep up dinner and be ready for the 5.45PM workout. But there was a terrible terrible accident on my commute route yesterday that it took me 3 1/2 hours to reach home. Yes, I was on the road for three and a half hours . In the midst of all the traffic I had to pee. With the amount of water I am drinking these days, I feel like I need washroom next to me all the times. Anyways, after an hour of driving at 5 mph, I saw Randalls. I was so thankful. I never really felt that joy seeing a grocery store. I could barely walk from the parking lot to the store. My bladder was so full that It really hurt and felt uncomfortable walking. After I am done peeing, I did not care about the traffic anymore.

Like I just won a battle and traffic jam is nothing. I can live with it. So with all the drama, I reached home at 7.30 in the night.

Thursdays are strength based classes and I love those. I don’t sweat buckets as in a cardio class but really feel proud to experience the after-effects, like soreness. Felt angry that I missed the workout. See, how I fell in love with working out. This is what this challenge taught me. To do it more often so you love it more. So that work-outs are part of your life beyond the 8-week challenge period.

The Salad in the afternoon and protein shake in the evening kept me sane till 6pm. But after which I was dead hungry. I could die of hunger in that traffic. Or Would I ? Or at least that’s how I felt. I even called my friend, who house is en route, and asked her to prepare dinner for me too. See, that’s how much hungry I was. So when I reached home at 7.30pm and had a bowl or more of rice with spicy dal and curd rice, I did not feel guilty. I felt like I needed it. It was like rice w/dal is my calming me down, saying it’s OK. It is satisfying me and compensating for a long, hard day.

Post-dinner, when sitting on couch and my mind re-playing the entire evening, I saw how food has its own soul, talking, filling and satisfying us. How easily it can take advantage of our state-of-mind and be in charge of the moment.

Indulging in food is ok once in a while but should be careful not to overtake us. Like, Food Indulgence cannot be the solution for every small disturbance in your life.

I am not guilty that I had a bowl or more of rice and dal. Rice is in my roots. I love eating rice and I do not think it is unhealthy to eat rice. What I believe is in moderation. What I believe in is- I should not use Food to fill in the void/dissatisfaction/emptiness or varied other feelings in me. Food indulgence should not be used as a revenge mechanism for things happening in my life. I am working on it.


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