F45 Week 2 Day 6 & 7 -20th & 21st Oct

20th Oct- Saturday


Breakfast-  Half English Muffin + Small Coffee

Lunch – 1 Naan + Paneer curry + Little Veg Biryani + Sweet

Dinner – 2 Moong dal(Green Moong) Dosas

21st Oct- Sunday


Breakfast- 1 Dosa + Small Coffee

Lunch-  Rice w/Ivy Gourd stir fy +  Rasam (Lentil Soup)

Dinner – Chile Relleno + Mexican rice

Had tough time maintaining my meals this weekend. I think I went all IN. We went for a lunch get together on Saturday, went out on Sunday evening to take family pictures at Pumpkin patch event, that led to eating Dinner outside. So I had out-of-routine meals. Having said that, I hate being guilty for eating too. I made sure I was being mindful of my choices.

I only made it to 3 classes this week which yes, I am guilty about.

I really wanted to do 5 workouts this week but did not. Targeting for next week. I am damn hopeful.



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