Tumhari Sulu

Tumhari Sulu

Sulu is the cheerful wife and mother, taking care of her family while still dreaming, desiring to be someone. She finds happiness and positivity in whatever she does and what life has to offer, whether it is a lemon-and-spoon contest she tries hard to win or being able to mimic voices – she is happy

Sulu reminded me of my mom in 80’s. She is the perfect housewife-caring for us and my dad, and never stopped pursuing her interest in sewing. She used to sew our dresses and some wall hangings and looked happy and content. Proudly showcased her work by strategically placing those in the house that people would notice and appreciate her efforts.

I had a smile on my face while watching this movie. Sulu is someone you want to meet. She has so many business plans to start something and do something. Love the fact the she is even unapologetic about starting too many ideas and failing. Even when her sisters and father ridicule her for her choices, she does not flinch as she has her husband and son on her side. I also love how Sulu uses her unique talents, her voice in engaging with her talk show audience. She reminds us that there is a uniqueness in each one of us.

Things start to look exciting when she somehow lands a job as a Radio Jockey. The story then revolves around how she struggle to keep the balance, managing home and her job.

In the midst of mindless, dark-horrific-crime movies and series that are flooding TV, Tumhari Sulu is a refreshing, simple and beautiful tale that inspires us to re-invent ourselves in any phase of our lives.


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