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F45 Week 3 Day 4 – 25th Oct

25th Oct- Thursday


Breakfast-  Chicken Taco + Small Coffee

Snack- Coffee

Lunch- small garden salad w/chicken + Chicken soup

Dinner – Green Salad w/Chicken

Awesome weather outside in Austin. It stopped raining and there is Sunshine. Love it when there is just a hint-of cool air and you feel the sunshine in the afternoon. It is so dreamy, serene and peaceful. The moment I woke up and saw outside, I felt really energized and knew that it will be a productive day.

Had amazing chicken salad (from wholefoods) for lunch and another salad with chicken for dinner at 7PM. Did 5.45 PM strength class and had magnesium supplement post dinner.

I can feel that I am getting fitter. Internally I am way better in terms of sustaining energy throughout the day, mindful eating etc. But appearance wise I still feel frustrated to see my stomach protruding. I am shaping up good in my thighs, back and a significant difference can be seen on my face, which looks so lean now. But my Vision was to get Flat Abs by the end of this year. I hear that Abs are the last to get toned and needs at least 6 months of consistent training. I am just 3 months into the training and just 3 weeks into training with mindful eating plan. I know that I am getting there for sure. But It’s hard not to look at my stomach as a measure of progress.

Any which ways, I will keep on working out. Can’t wait to see myself after the 8-week Challenge and on 31st Dec, which is MY original target date.


2 thoughts on “F45 Week 3 Day 4 – 25th Oct”

  1. You are doing awesome! keep it up. We all have that one body part we have an image of what we want to achieve and it is easy to get discouraged or miss the other changes! I am glad to see you have not missed the changes that have occurred!


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