F45 Fitness

F45 Week 3 Day 5 – 26th Oct

26th Oct- Friday


Breakfast-  2 Boiled eggs + Small Coffee

Lunch- small garden salad w/chicken

Snack – Protein Shake at 5PM

Dinner – Grilled chicken – (`7 strips)

I met the target of 5 workouts a week. Feeling Incredibly Awesome.

I did 2 cardio workouts today – 5.15 AM and 5.45 PM. But truth to be told. I was not my best in the evening workout. I barely survived. I think there are 2 reasons for it. One that I had my protein pretty late, around 5.15 Pm and did not feel I gave enough time for protein to be absorbed and release energy. Another It takes time for body to get used to working out twice a day. I should have started with two strength training classes in a day and progressed to cardio. What I did on Friday was little wild for me. But I want to hit the 5 workouts a week target so it’s all worth it.



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