F45 Fitness

F45 Week 3 Day 6 & 7 -27th & 28th Oct

20th Oct- Saturday


Breakfast-  2 Boiled eggs + Small Coffee

Lunch – 2 Cauliflower Tacos

Dinner – Veg Pulao + Chicken rice+ Potato korma + milk sweet

21st Oct- Sunday


Breakfast- 1 Eng. Muffin + Small Coffee

Lunch- 1 slice Pizza + lemonade

Dinner – small bowl rice w/chicken curry


We hosted a Pumpkin painting get-together at our house on Saturday. All kids and parents had great time painting, laughing and eating. It was a potluck. I made mac-n-cheese for kids (I did not even taste it. A huge Win :)). It was a small gathering with 5 families so we did not have huge portions of food.

I enjoyed veg pulao, chicken rice with korma- in moderation and I stopped with just one sweet.

Huge part of the social interactions are around food and when there are having so many good conversations,  and fun- mindful eating is a challenge. It’s a challenge to be calm, think about what I am eating, how do I want to feel later-which is not being guilty, and stay away from double and triple servings.

I admit I did go for the second servings with rice. First I had my regular small bowl serving with the intention of stopping when done. When I was done, I was done way before than everyone else. So I went in had some more rice (Veg and Chicken rice were so tasty) and started eating slowly. With sweets, I got in control. I just took one and stopped there.

We went to Home Slice pizza on Sunday and I had a slice of Margherita pizza and a lemonade

All-in-all, weekdays are my military style routine days. I am in so much control and weekends are little lazy and tend to go out-of-control.

Targeting 5 next week ! Workout all days- M-F.


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