F45 Fitness

F45 Week 6 Day 2-13th Nov

13th Nov- Tuesday


Breakfast-  2 Boiled Eggs + Small Coffee

Lunch- Rice + Veg Curry

Snack- Protein Shake at 4PM

Dinner – 2 small rotis + cabbage curry

Its freezing cold here in Austin. Yeah! nothing compared to Northeast and Midwest regions, nevertheless it is cold.

So I am continuously failing to go for early morning 5.15AM class in my attempt to free up my evenings. I think I will stick to evenings, except for Fridays (I will make another attempt this Friday :)) I am almost pre-booked for either party/get-together/shopping/eating-out plans on Friday evenings. So in order to keep up with my 5 day workout schedule, I need to hit the early morning class on Fridays.

In the strength training class I modified most of the workouts. I am taking it slow with respect to lifting heavy weights. I replaced all Bent-over-row sets to do squats or lunges. Push-ups to modified push-ups. I did more reps though. So it was a nice comeback balance !

Tuesday I hit all the items in my checklist. I worked out, ate mindfully, gulped protein shake and took mag supplement before snoozing off.



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