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F45 Fall Challenge Wrap-Up

Mesuring Tape Image

The Fall Challenge wrapped-up on Dec 2nd and I managed to barely complete. I still did not measure myself in detail for recording the change. But I know how I did, which is not really as I hoped I would, so for me the challenge still is ON.

Having said that, I am proud what I did and how it framed my mindset towards high-intensity-interval-training. I now believe with consistency I can definitely see the results in my body and my health.

I worked out for 19 days out of 40 days I planned in the last 2 months. I was most consistent during Mondays and Tuesdays and found it quite a challenge to work out on a Friday evening. On an average I did 3 workouts a week for most of the weeks and my peak was doing 5 workouts in a workweek. I did not work on a weekend, partly because I had a class to attend on Saturday’s for the last 2 months and I do not feel like waking up early on Sunday’s.

Just by stepping on a scale- I got to know I weigh 156 lbs, down from 162 lbs. I am thrilled !

I plan to keep that up and take up more challenges which keeps the momentum going !!!


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