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“Do 20” December Challenge


December is a tough month to keep up the momentum and consistency in working out.

With taking vacations, meeting friends and family, celebrations, parties, get-togethers – all happening at the same time, it disrupts the routine.

I love routines. I might sound boring but I do certain activities almost every day at the same time. I hate change in my routine. Change that disrupts reaching my peak performance. Change that brings down the momentum resulting in it not forming a habit. A powerful habit that could change the course of my life. For me, Exercise is a habit that can make or break me. My exercise routine gives me the powers to be great at work, at home and everywhere and everything.

When I took a long-awaited vacation to London in the midst of F45 challenge, at around 6 weeks, I lost the focus and drive to keep up. When I returned, I struggle to go back to my classes. I hated myself for doing it. It took me almost 2 weeks to get my head straight around working-out and get my focus back.

(Will share what all I did to regain my focus in another post)

Blogging my journey and sharing my mind with you all is helping me in finding myself. So I have decided to do a December Challenge. To workout 20 days in the month. No excuse- No misses.

I am damn confident to do 20 workouts in December.

How are you exercising this December? Do share with me. Will follow you on your journey

Here’s how I am tracking:


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