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“Do 20” December Challenge – Update*

It’s been a while since I posted. I was getting ready for the new year during December and too focused on setting the routine the first week of new year.

Coming back to the ‘DO-20’ December challenge, I managed to do 15 out of 20 workouts planned. 15 classes in a month is my highest since I started on F45 journey-since August 2018.

I was in for a shock when I started checking the number of days I worked out in each month since August. Some months (like October) were just 9 days. 9 out of the 31 days October has.

No wonder my scales did not show much progress.

Yeah ! Lesson learnt. Measuring religiously does not show results. Showing up for more days does.

When we traveled to Dallas from Austin, I packed 2-3 sets of workout wear and was determined to go for a Hot yoga class which is 20 mins from my hotel. But late nights and cozy comforters and sheets at hotel made it harder to kick them off early in the morning.

The challenge proved a point that it takes real focus and planning to do 20 workouts a month. 5 workouts every week. I cannot miss a workout during workdays if I am planning for a leisure weekend. In case I miss on weekdays, I need to compensate during weekends. See, I did not get into those drill downs in my mind in December.

However this high expectation made me workout for at least 15 days and gave me a chance to reflect on my plans for achieving 2019 fitness goals.


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