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‘Do-20’ January Challenge

I continue to do 20 workouts this year too.

One point that has helped me be consistent at my workouts is tracking every week. I am a visual person. Seeing the chart on how many times I worked out. The goal I set to complete. How many are in progress and how many more to achieve has helped me tremendously in sticky to my routine.

Many a times I felt like being at home. Some weeks I am unstoppable. Like, week of 7th Jan, I did 7 workouts- my highest ever to-date. I worked out on the weekends too. I did a double on Wednesday. I felt great. I was motivated and had a great momentum.

Come next week, Monday- I simply did not feel like hitting the gym. This feeling lingered and did not wear-off till Wednesday. During which, I thought a lot about why I feel how I am feeling. Then, I saw my Vision Board & my tracker (Pic below). It spoke to me. If I continue slacking, I will not complete 20 this month again. The first month of the year 2019- which will see me fit & lean.

I made sure to go to the class even if I lift lesser weights & my heart-rate stands at the last on the leaderboard. It did not matter. What matters is being part of the 45 minute class. To see people who are working out.

A guy on a podcast shares a story about how he just drove to the gym, stayed there for 5 mins and then drove back every day for the first 30 days to just develop the habit of going to gym.

It might sound silly to head to the class to work out for 5 mins. But the point here is setting a routine. Telling our minds – I need to drive to the class every day at this time – thereby forming an habit. Once that is achieved, one could build on to stay longer, lift heavier, run faster.

I am training my mind to conquer the ‘Consistency’ hack. Do-20 a month is all about Consistency.

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