F45 Fitness

May, June, July Workouts & F45 Challenge !!

A quick update on where I am at with my workouts and activities. After working out for 14 days in April, I just did 3 workouts in May. Well, I knew May would be my slack time as I took 2 week vacation to India to attend my sister’s wedding. Just before taking OFF, I managed to do 3 workouts that week and that is all I am proud of in May.

Anyhow, coming back to June, I hit the gym really hard. I have been consistent with my weekly workouts and managed to do 15 workouts.

JULY sure started slow. I picked up lot of physical activities, like biking, starting Swim lessons. Especially my swim classes took lot of my focus away from F45, for a good reason :). I always wanted to learn swimming to overcome my fear of water. This July I took the plunge. After just 3 weeks into it, I am away confident in water and love to spend time in the water. Swimming is my new love. Will talk more about swimming in a new post.

July is also the time for F45 Challenge !!! I am all geared up this challenge. It started on 22nd July and will be on till 15th September.

I am going to meticulously track my workouts, my meals to really see the difference.

My goals for this challenge is to lower my body fat %, tone my waist and arms, UP my game and move further along my fitness journey of being strong, energetic and lean.

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