Covid & Workouts – MOVE EVERYDAY, the new slogan

Its been a while since I posted anything online. Could not find time to jot my thoughts and post it online. Thanks to Covid, I can now spare sometime to really pen down my thoughts.

I was a regular F45’ian till few months back. The workouts and routine has set me up for good. Now I have the knowledge of posture, reps, building strength and endurance and their importance. So I quit F45 to save dollars and joined LAFitness. Quite a leap.

With LAFitness, I embrace the power and responsibility of managing my own workouts and tracking it, all without a team/group. I was always a HUGE fan of group workouts. But now I like the power of managing based on my family and my work schedule. With that said, I recently hired a Personal Trainer to give me core workouts (will talk about it in a minute!)

Past year has been a game changer for me with my workouts. I had a goal to add variety in my routine. So, I tried Spin class (which I LOVED sooo much that I ended up buying a Spin cycle at home!) , did weekend hot yoga at a studio nearby, started Running, learned Swimming and the biggest of all started playing with my kids- soccer, silly fun runs with them and what not. This has really set the stage for me to UP my game this year.

I have become lean and stronger in my arms & legs. No doubt ’bout it. But Flat abs/tighter Core is still a distant dream. So I decided – 2020 is the year for ABS. I hired a trainer (online for time being due to covid) to help me with the core workouts that I do once a week. Rest of the days, I start with Spin class (30 mins) as a warm up & to prep-up for running and then run around my neighborhood (2-3 miles), finish with 10 mins abs workout (never knew Amazon Prime had great workouts to follow) & cooldown stretches. My goal is to do workouts everyday. No break. Intensity might vary but will have to MOVE EVERYDAY. That’s my Slogan.

With that said, I also promise myself to keep updating my blog.

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