About Me

Welcome to my world!

I am Sowjanya- I go by Anya, I am a Senior QA Engineer at BHG Financials. I write about software testing at https://sowjanyaamirapu.hashnode.dev/ and mentor young professional who are looking to join Tech from non-Tech background. Software Testing is a great career path and love to share my learnings and experiences.

I also own website and an Etsy site, where I sell digital art works.

But above all, I am a constant juggler for self improvement and productivity,  trying to be a Super-Woman not just managing but constantly exceeding in whatever I do.

I am a mother of two beautiful boys, Rian and Aryan and blessed to have a strong cheer-leader, my husband, by my side while I manage all these and more !

I am a firm believer that sharing the knowledge and wisdom, however small or big, will make us more humane. The world will become a beautiful network of connected souls by sharing and learning from each other. A Community we will be so proud to offer to our children !