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F45 Fall Challenge Wrap-Up

Mesuring Tape Image

The Fall Challenge wrapped-up on Dec 2nd and I managed to barely complete. I still did not measure myself in detail for recording the change. But I know how I did, which is not really as I hoped I would, so for me the challenge still is ON.

Having said that, I am proud what I did and how it framed my mindset towards high-intensity-interval-training. I now believe with consistency I can definitely see the results in my body and my health.

I worked out for 19 days out of 40 days I planned in the last 2 months. I was most consistent during Mondays and Tuesdays and found it quite a challenge to work out on a Friday evening. On an average I did 3 workouts a week for most of the weeks and my peak was doing 5 workouts in a workweek. I did not work on a weekend, partly because I had a class to attend on Saturday’s for the last 2 months and I do not feel like waking up early on Sunday’s.

Just by stepping on a scale- I got to know I weigh 156 lbs, down from 162 lbs. I am thrilled !

I plan to keep that up and take up more challenges which keeps the momentum going !!!


F45 Fitness

F45 Week 7 Day 1 – 19th Nov

19th Nov- Monday


Breakfast-  1 English Muffin + Small Coffee

Lunch- 2 rotis + rice + Chicken curry

Dinner – 1 small roti + tomato curry with peas & lima beans

I did not work out today. I just did not feel like. We are going to London this thanksgiving and my mind is all filled up with packing, shopping, things-to-do etc. I know this would happen. How much ever I planned to hit at least 3 workouts this week before flying to London, I missed my class. Not that I was tied up doing something. I did not feel like. Holiday Mood is IN19-NOV

F45 Fitness

F45 Week 6 Day 6 & 7 -17th & 18th Nov

20th Oct- Saturday


Breakfast-  English Muffin + Small Coffee

Lunch – Sambar rice + curd

Dinner – Upma

21st Oct- Sunday


Breakfast- 2 Idly + Small Coffee

Lunch-  Veggie Fajitas + flour tortillas + chips and salsa

Dinner – rice + Potato fry + tomato rasam + Hot cocoa + Smores !!

I usually do not work out on the weekends as we always tend to be outdoors and spend all the time with kids.

This weekend we went to Fredericksburg with our dear friends and had a blast. Dinner was our favorite comfort food potato fry and rasam with Rice. We finished off the weekend with having hot chocolate and smores over the fire place. It was magical. Can’t wait for the thanksgiving week !



F45 Fitness

F45 Week 6 Day 5 – 16th Nov

15th Nov- Friday


Breakfast-  English Muffin + Small Coffee

Lunch- Rice + Veg Curry

Dinner – Feast Alert ! Potato curry + veg Pulav + oily starter + cake

I had a dinner get-together invite on Friday evening. I did feast, kinda prep-up for the thanksgiving week 🙂

But proud of not missing the evening workout. We went late to the party because I had the workout. I did not miss the workout because I had an evening party. A whole new shift in my mind and I am proud of that.


F45 Fitness

F45 Week 6 Day 4 – 15th Nov

15th Nov- Thursday


Breakfast-  English Muffin + Small Coffee

Lunch- Rice + Veg Curry

Dinner – 2 small Rotis + Dal

I feel the momentum. Beyond this challenge, my goal for 2018 is ‘Consistency’. Consistency in working out at least 4 days in a week on an average and Journaling my journey. That is it. Not seeing change in my numbers. Because I believe if I can master the consistency in doing it, weight/fat/muscle numbers will follow.

I have big plans and goals for 2019, so this challenge is laying the mental foundation. Since starting F45 membership in August, I am so proud of myself to consistently going for the class. My routines are set weekday evenings. Put on my training clothes after work-Prep-up dinner for kids and HIT THE GYM. Times when I did not go to class, I felt like lost being at home during that time. Crazy isn’t it ? Yes, I felt crazy too. I really believed I belonged to F45 class in the evenings. It felt weird to be home during that time.

For me, that is an achievement. I feel like I have come a long way since August. In just 3 months. Whoohooo to the Momentum !!