I think I know why

“World, never been stunning to me as it is today, never the skies sung for me as they are singing today, never the trees revealed the secrets of lovers as they are today. I think I know why everything is looking beautiful to me today. I think I know why.”

Managing challenging responsibilities at office,
Relishing caring relationships as wife
Understanding thresholds of work-life balance
And exploring different facets of life
Yes! The world has never been stunning to me as it is todayLittle time left to think of me in a day
But nevertheless, a best friend of mine is always there saying “I Care
Thinking of the wonderful days spent in our tender days
I still am a true friend by her side, I Swear.
Wonder! Never the skies sung for me as they are singing today

Understanding the complexities of married life
Still preparing for a new family tomorrow
I have lost my fears, my anxieties
As now I’m the power of two to face the sorrow
Never the trees revealed the secrets of lovers as they are today

I think I know why everything is looking beautiful to me today. I think I know why.


50 words

A Note
I woke up to a new day with a lost hope that I can’t overcome my disease. I feel it hard to justify the sudden blow of anger deep inside blowing out of proportion, losing its conscience. The only way is to end it and I’m ready for it today.
The Chase
Nirtya suddenly changed her way and started racing finding a street dog at the other end of the road. Dog got the hint, felt challenged, and ran to catch the little girl. Nirtya found a weapon, an expression of a fearless face and words to shoo the dog. It worked.

If I Hate..

Staying in a foreign land and promoting culture
when your own people are devoid
of the meaning to tradition
You never turn your back
Yet proudly hoist the culture flag
What is that if not to brag?

If I hate, I hate to wear a culture mask

Dancing to the tunes of money but music
When one can promote the divine power of energy
You, talented
You, the source
You spread the wings, Yet you use it for your own course

If I hate, I hate commercialization of arts

Its my right, its my duty
To have my own say and my own space
No matter how lovely is the world out there
I can’t relate if my space is cluttered
My passions, my dreams
Part of which proves my existence.

If I hate, I hate my space suffocating


Coffee Confessions…. 

Sipping hot coffee in a cold weather
looking out of the window in the warmth of my home
strong aroma of caffeine and sweet smell of morning air
I feel so refreshed still cuddling in my cozy bed
Just when I sip one and two
Savoring the taste shunning the morning blue
I started laughing on my friend’s cry last night
Asking me confused to get clarity of thought
“What is good for my already bad diet?
Like opting for decaffeinated or caffeinated cup
Should I go for watery black or a creamy white?”


GO! Just Paint Yourself

My thoughts wandered,
Searched for the true meaning of my existence,
As I believed I’m God’s favorite child
I was betrayed by people
Saying I’ve dreams that are just so wild.

With no land to land and no shelter to hide
I heard people chattering empty tales
Still I believe I’m God’s favorite child
As he made me human
Just to explore and paint myself

I tried listening to my inner soul
It was unheard, deep, dark just like coal
Just when I was assured I’m God’s Favorite child
Something for me too in this beautiful world
There were taunting shouts of me and my role

I kept on moving and I got the way
Where my heart keeps rocking and longs to stay
I’m God’s favorite child coz I’ve my own say
Cover your skull, empty negative voices with no self
Know your inner soul and GO! Just Paint Yourself