Covid & Workouts – MOVE EVERYDAY, the new slogan

Its been a while since I posted anything online. Could not find time to jot my thoughts and post it online. Thanks to Covid, I can now spare sometime to really pen down my thoughts.

I was a regular F45’ian till few months back. The workouts and routine has set me up for good. Now I have the knowledge of posture, reps, building strength and endurance and their importance. So I quit F45 to save dollars and joined LAFitness. Quite a leap.

With LAFitness, I embrace the power and responsibility of managing my own workouts and tracking it, all without a team/group. I was always a HUGE fan of group workouts. But now I like the power of managing based on my family and my work schedule. With that said, I recently hired a Personal Trainer to give me core workouts (will talk about it in a minute!)

Past year has been a game changer for me with my workouts. I had a goal to add variety in my routine. So, I tried Spin class (which I LOVED sooo much that I ended up buying a Spin cycle at home!) , did weekend hot yoga at a studio nearby, started Running, learned Swimming and the biggest of all started playing with my kids- soccer, silly fun runs with them and what not. This has really set the stage for me to UP my game this year.

I have become lean and stronger in my arms & legs. No doubt ’bout it. But Flat abs/tighter Core is still a distant dream. So I decided – 2020 is the year for ABS. I hired a trainer (online for time being due to covid) to help me with the core workouts that I do once a week. Rest of the days, I start with Spin class (30 mins) as a warm up & to prep-up for running and then run around my neighborhood (2-3 miles), finish with 10 mins abs workout (never knew Amazon Prime had great workouts to follow) & cooldown stretches. My goal is to do workouts everyday. No break. Intensity might vary but will have to MOVE EVERYDAY. That’s my Slogan.

With that said, I also promise myself to keep updating my blog.

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F45 Challenge with Indian Meal Plan

So you know, I am doing a Fitness Challenge. Its F45 Challenge.  Its a tough 45-minute High-Interval-Intensity- Training (HIIT) with mix of  killer Cardio and Strength sessions. I started the F45 journey a year ago and never looked back. It is my Go-to place to rewind, look inward, do a little self-talk after work. 

The challenge comes with a 3-phase meal program that is designed to lose fat and build muscle. There is a meal ordering service associated to F45 near our region that takes the guessing out of the game and delivers food at our door step.

However, I chose to stick to my routine meal plans (Indian food) for this challenge.

I am tweaking my Indian meals a little to lay emphasis on adding Protein and limiting carbs. This means I will be eating more of lentils and Pulkas and omiting Rice all together. Yes ! NO RICE !

I can’t believe I am doing it.

The last time I did the F45 challenge, I only had rice during the weekends. I managed to stick to the plan most of the weekdays but could not resist my cravings on Friday’s and weekends. How much ever I tried I had a very hard time keeping up with energy during the weekdays with just rotis and couldn’t wait for the weekends.

So it would be a tough battle for me to omit rice all together till 15th Sep. In order to do that successfully, I am planning to eat more lentils. Lentils of all kinds in bigger portions. I will be eating dal as a main meal and have rotis as a side dish.

Let’s see how it goes !

The Challenge also requires to not having coffee for the first two weeks and just black coffee(no sugar, no cream) for the rest of the weeks. I do not want to handle too many food limitations at the same time. So I am keeping my regular coffee, 6 oz, with cream and sugar just once in the morning.

My Focus is doing 5 workouts a week, less carbs – a.k.a no rice and limited rotis, more protein. The Challenge is ON!


F45 Week 2 Day 6 & 7 -20th & 21st Oct

20th Oct- Saturday


Breakfast-  Half English Muffin + Small Coffee

Lunch – 1 Naan + Paneer curry + Little Veg Biryani + Sweet

Dinner – 2 Moong dal(Green Moong) Dosas

21st Oct- Sunday


Breakfast- 1 Dosa + Small Coffee

Lunch-  Rice w/Ivy Gourd stir fy +  Rasam (Lentil Soup)

Dinner – Chile Relleno + Mexican rice

Had tough time maintaining my meals this weekend. I think I went all IN. We went for a lunch get together on Saturday, went out on Sunday evening to take family pictures at Pumpkin patch event, that led to eating Dinner outside. So I had out-of-routine meals. Having said that, I hate being guilty for eating too. I made sure I was being mindful of my choices.

I only made it to 3 classes this week which yes, I am guilty about.

I really wanted to do 5 workouts this week but did not. Targeting for next week. I am damn hopeful.




F45 Week 1 Day 5-12th Oct

12th Oct- Friday


Breakfast- 1 egg+ 1 spinach kolache + Small Coffee (did not eat the bread part of kolache!)

Lunch- 2 Methi rotis + Chicken tortilla soup

Snacks- Protein Shake at 4PM

Dinner – Rotis + egg bhurji @6PM + late night upma at my friend’s place @10PM

Friday evenings are usually pre-booked with some activity so I thought of finishing my workout  going for 5.15AM class but I could not wake up. I woke up at 6 and realized it is too late. I did eat clean till evening but could not resist the late evening food while binge watching. I finished my dinner at 6PM but when at my friends place had dinner with them, vegetable upma (like porridge) at 10PM. But I made sure that I don’t overeat and I was fine with going off the track for an evening.




On OnE peRfeCtlY NoRmAL dAY…..

One thin glass door made all the difference for me at being perfectly normal and at ease to being hysterical and go wild.
I was sitting in my study room, not interested to read or think about anything. Just being blank, thinking about the perfect nothingness in life. Just then saw a small soft skinned awkward lizard on the other end of the glass door. Clearly displaying the color of its nerves, its body parts, its hands and legs, and tail laying motionless as though nearing death.
One sight of it made my mind go awry, wild and restless. I just couldn’t stand that little creature of vulgarity standing in front of me with its naked back as though laughing at me mockingly.
Not able to stand that anymore I did one thing that normally without that glass barrier I wouldn’t dare to do – even in my wildest of the wild dreams.
I went near the glass door touched and pressed the glass in the imitation of touching the naked lizard-its head, body, hands, toes, and tail.
I wondered about its body composition, its structure, transparent skin, and its creamy blood. I then hit the glass depicting my mean ways of scaring the poor thing away…at least out of my sight. It just jerked a bit moving its hands and legs one step ahead towards it’s nowhere destination, tail in its usual form, and its body giving a slight tilt- as though like a model giving a slight deviation in its pose for the photo shoot.
I did all that I can, in my own weary ways, but that hardly had any impact on the determined lizard. Still lay motionless- concentrating on whatever it did­- sleeping, posing for photo shoot, praying as a saint, yoga, digesting its food, or just like me perfectly feeling blank thinking of its life. It passed on a great message-No matter how big your enemy is-stay with your powers-concentrate on your goals-you will succeed.
One lesson learnt. I gave up my futile trials to scare the lizard and settled down to do my work. Concentrate and Study.