On OnE peRfeCtlY NoRmAL dAY…..

One thin glass door made all the difference for me at being perfectly normal and at ease to being hysterical and go wild.
I was sitting in my study room, not interested to read or think about anything. Just being blank, thinking about the perfect nothingness in life. Just then saw a small soft skinned awkward lizard on the other end of the glass door. Clearly displaying the color of its nerves, its body parts, its hands and legs, and tail laying motionless as though nearing death.
One sight of it made my mind go awry, wild and restless. I just couldn’t stand that little creature of vulgarity standing in front of me with its naked back as though laughing at me mockingly.
Not able to stand that anymore I did one thing that normally without that glass barrier I wouldn’t dare to do – even in my wildest of the wild dreams.
I went near the glass door touched and pressed the glass in the imitation of touching the naked lizard-its head, body, hands, toes, and tail.
I wondered about its body composition, its structure, transparent skin, and its creamy blood. I then hit the glass depicting my mean ways of scaring the poor thing away…at least out of my sight. It just jerked a bit moving its hands and legs one step ahead towards it’s nowhere destination, tail in its usual form, and its body giving a slight tilt- as though like a model giving a slight deviation in its pose for the photo shoot.
I did all that I can, in my own weary ways, but that hardly had any impact on the determined lizard. Still lay motionless- concentrating on whatever it did­- sleeping, posing for photo shoot, praying as a saint, yoga, digesting its food, or just like me perfectly feeling blank thinking of its life. It passed on a great message-No matter how big your enemy is-stay with your powers-concentrate on your goals-you will succeed.
One lesson learnt. I gave up my futile trials to scare the lizard and settled down to do my work. Concentrate and Study.


HE….the hero

How “HE”( hero of my piece) has an influence on people.

People around me idolized him. I did not get a reason to adore him, praise him.
Do I know him? …well not at all.
My father used to say that I am small enough to understand him.
Many days came to celebrate his presence and they never enthused me.
All my school days passed on without his much need. In my college days all my friends paid their offerings in return for their fulfilled wishes.
Then I could get the importance of him.
I too started going to his shop, gave my offerings and got mere fulfilled wishes.
Though I was not truly satisfied, I was happy that I too, like others, started understanding him.
I quickly passed my younger days just giving him my call and he answering those calls, as if anything can be bought out from him.
Do I know him exactly? Yeah! he is just like my father, always at the time of my need.
In the older days of my retired life, I was free from all the work. I don’t have any wishes to ask him. I almost lost contact with him
Now I think – what role does he have in my life?
Ahh…a lot more than a giver.
Purely as a giver of power and strength to lead the rest of my life, though lonely, but happily. My health which is deteriorating day by day with my age shouldn’t influence my heart which has the spirit to live and enjoy living. This is what he taught me all my life.
I believed he is the one who has the divine power, which can give anything we want and so I got the desired.

Now do I know him?
Well he is the supreme creator of me GOD.