F45 Fitness

F45 Week 6 Day 2-13th Nov

13th Nov- Tuesday


Breakfast-  2 Boiled Eggs + Small Coffee

Lunch- Rice + Veg Curry

Snack- Protein Shake at 4PM

Dinner – 2 small rotis + cabbage curry

Its freezing cold here in Austin. Yeah! nothing compared to Northeast and Midwest regions, nevertheless it is cold.

So I am continuously failing to go for early morning 5.15AM class in my attempt to free up my evenings. I think I will stick to evenings, except for Fridays (I will make another attempt this Friday :)) I am almost pre-booked for either party/get-together/shopping/eating-out plans on Friday evenings. So in order to keep up with my 5 day workout schedule, I need to hit the early morning class on Fridays.

In the strength training class I modified most of the workouts. I am taking it slow with respect to lifting heavy weights. I replaced all Bent-over-row sets to do squats or lunges. Push-ups to modified push-ups. I did more reps though. So it was a nice comeback balance !

Tuesday I hit all the items in my checklist. I worked out, ate mindfully, gulped protein shake and took mag supplement before snoozing off.



F45 Fitness

F45 Challenge-Week6

12th Nov- Monday


Breakfast-  1 Black bean and egg taco + Small Coffee

Lunch- 2 Chicken Tacos

Dinner – Chicken Rice + curd

Back on track! Did 5.45 PM cardio class. Felt good to stretch, move and sweat a bit after a week glued to couch. Especially when it’s cold outside it is a challenge in itself to hit the gym. But it is that much more important to keep ourselves active, warm and beat the dullness that comes with winter. This Challenge is really helping my mind clarify  ‘Why I can’t miss the class’. All weekdays count for me.


F45 Fitness

F45 Fitness Update

Since 31st October, I am having terrible back pain that I took a break from working out to recover. Taking pain meds, cold and hot compression’s, applying BioFreeze roll-on’s to carry on with the days. After a week of suffering and dragging myself, I feel like I am OK today. Not completely pain-free but definitely lot better than last week. I will resume my workouts from Monday, 11/12, Week 6.

Although I missed my Week 5 workouts all together, I am hopeful that the remaining 3 weeks when I workout to the best, I will be closer to my goal.


F45 Fitness

F45 Week 4 Day 4 – 1st Nov

1st Nov- Thursday


Breakfast-  Chicken Taco  + Small Coffee

Lunch – Salad with Garden Greens w/ Grilled Chicken

Snacks – Protein Shake at 4PM

Dinner  – Grilled Chicken + 1 Tortilla

I made sure that I was eating lean protein in every meal. Today, I had Chicken in all my meals. Had it all day to the point that I felt sick of it. I realized how much I love my veggies and never get tired of having them. Anyways, back to the point that I had chicken today to make sure I had the energy for lifting weights and cardio on Friday. But I could not make it to the class.

Since Wednesday’s Cardio class, I am experiencing an uncomfortable pain under my right shoulder blade. I first ignored it as a sore muscle. When I woke up in the morning It aggravated, I could not bend to my right. It is not painful but really uncomfortable. By the time I am back from work, I had to take an Advil and to lie on bed for an hour. As much I made an effort to go (reminding myself of the intention I set this week), I just simply could not. I need to take rest for a day or two to get back on track. I promise myself to eat right (with lots of veggies)


F45 Fitness

F45 Week 4 Day 3 – 31st Oct – Halloween !!

31st Oct- Wednesday


Breakfast-  Potato stuffed paratha (left over)  + Small Coffee

Lunch – 2 small Rotis + 2 bowls of Dal

Snacks – Protein Shake at 4PM

Dinner  – 2 small Rotis + Dal + Cauliflower stir-fry

I survived the Halloween – getting kids ready for Halloween to no-munching-candies (seriously! Not even a single one) to mindful eating to not-missing-workout class in the evening. I did it all. I felt like a Super Woman. Woohoo

My heart cringed a bit when I let my husband take the kids for trick-o-treating, esp. this being the first Halloween for my younger son (he just turned 1 on Sep). He was the Little Monster. Elder one (6 yrs) was a Police Officer. Both looked cute. I missed trick-o-treat’ng but I made the commitment to workout so I carried on.



F45 Fitness

F45 Week 4 Day 2 – 30th Oct

30th Oct- Tuesday


Breakfast-  2 Boiled Eggs + Small Coffee

Lunch – Veg Curry with a English Muffin

Snacks – Protein Shake at 4PM

Dinner  – 2 Alu Paratha (Potato Stuffed Roti)

To focus my energy towards working out, I am buying rotis from a lady who makes homemade food at home. Today I ordered Alu Paratha from her and they were delicious. They were small so I had 2 of those post 6.45 PM weight training work-out.

I am getting better at lifting weights. Sometimes I concentrate of lighter weights with more reps or better hold and technique. At times I focus on weight load only. Today I did a combination of two and felt pretty good at my strength. An important thing to note, I usually forget about my core when doing weights. This time I did. Abs in the making !!!



F45 Fitness

F45 Week 4 Day 1 – 29th Oct

29th Oct- Monday


Breakfast-  2 chicken tacos + Small Coffee

Lunch- 1 Roti + Veg Curry + curd

Snacks- Protein Shake at 4PM

Dinner – Bowl of Veg curry (no Rice)

On track. Had protein shake, went in for 6.45 pm cardio class, had no rice. Laser focused on completing 5 workouts this week. 1 down-4 more to go !!