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F45 Challenge with Indian Meal Plan

So you know, I am doing a Fitness Challenge. Its F45 Challenge.  Its a tough 45-minute High-Interval-Intensity- Training (HIIT) with mix of  killer Cardio and Strength sessions. I started the F45 journey a year ago and never looked back. It is my Go-to place to rewind, look inward, do a little self-talk after work. 

The challenge comes with a 3-phase meal program that is designed to lose fat and build muscle. There is a meal ordering service associated to F45 near our region that takes the guessing out of the game and delivers food at our door step.

However, I chose to stick to my routine meal plans (Indian food) for this challenge.

I am tweaking my Indian meals a little to lay emphasis on adding Protein and limiting carbs. This means I will be eating more of lentils and Pulkas and omiting Rice all together. Yes ! NO RICE !

I can’t believe I am doing it.

The last time I did the F45 challenge, I only had rice during the weekends. I managed to stick to the plan most of the weekdays but could not resist my cravings on Friday’s and weekends. How much ever I tried I had a very hard time keeping up with energy during the weekdays with just rotis and couldn’t wait for the weekends.

So it would be a tough battle for me to omit rice all together till 15th Sep. In order to do that successfully, I am planning to eat more lentils. Lentils of all kinds in bigger portions. I will be eating dal as a main meal and have rotis as a side dish.

Let’s see how it goes !

The Challenge also requires to not having coffee for the first two weeks and just black coffee(no sugar, no cream) for the rest of the weeks. I do not want to handle too many food limitations at the same time. So I am keeping my regular coffee, 6 oz, with cream and sugar just once in the morning.

My Focus is doing 5 workouts a week, less carbs – a.k.a no rice and limited rotis, more protein. The Challenge is ON!