Eleven Minutes by Paulo

Eleven Minutes is a story about Maria, a prostitute by choice, who lives in Brazil and dreams of leading life on her own terms. When the opportunity comes she moves to Switzerland only to realize sooner that she has been dragged to prostitution. She prepares herself and then enters into the dreaded world for money and finally succumbs to loneliness and sadness. One fine day she falls in love with a renowned painter and then understands the meaning of true love. When Ralf Hart, the painter and her lover, wants to be with her, she refuses to accept for the fear of ending the relation someday. Maria, with much hesitation, finally leaves for her home town missing him intensely and to her amazement finds Ralf at the receiving end. And that’s the end (or rather a start) of this fairy story. Eleven Minutes explains in detail about the aspects of true love (sacred love) and physical love. I liked the way the story has been dealt with. It gives daring and bold answers to some hushed topics of the society. I also liked the ending of the story, though stereotypical, is perfect for the story. Sad story with a Happy ending

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