F45 Fitness

Catching UP

Last 2 months have been hectic with work that I did not spend enough time Blogging.

Here’s what’s happening

Do-20 Challenge is still a far reaching goal for me. I managed to do 11 workouts on Feb and just 7 during the whole of March. I think it was due to spring time, I was hit by terrible cold, backpain and overall weak that I did not have an ounce of energy to workout. I slowly regained myself with Yoga and walking in the park but that’s about it.

I am doing much better this month, recording 14 workouts to-date. Not only that I worked out consistently for at least 3 times a week this month. After a disastrous March, April schedule gives me hope that I am close to completing at least 2 ‘D0-20’ challenges this year.

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