F45 Fitness

F45 Week 2 Day 1 – 15th Oct

15th Oct- Monday


Breakfast-  scrambled Egg w/beans + Small Coffee

Lunch- Sambar (veg lentil stew) + little Cauliflower stir fry [leftovers]

Dinner – Egg curry + little Jeera Rice

Struggled to find alternative dinner meal to prep when making meal with left-over rice for the rest of the family. Especially when there is so much rice as leftover that I hate to throw it away. But again I managed to eat a small bowl of rice only. I think I got so much used to eating less rice that I cannot eat more than small bowl. My mind and body tell me that I am full and need to stop.

Went for 5.45PM cardio class today and felt good after the workout. Proud to make it to the class in this chilly and rainy weather. If not for the challenge and tracking, I would have missed the class. This week I am determined to do 5 classes.

Woohoo !



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